PepciX 60 chew tab

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PepciX is a zinc-carnosine complex consisting of elemental zinc as well as L-carnosine, a naturally occurring dipeptide (beta-alanine and L-histidine) found in muscle and brain tissue. More than 40 human and animal studies have demonstrated PepciX safely and effectively supports the stomach’s own natural cell-protective mechanisms without interfering in the normal digestive process.*

Clinical Applications:
Supports the Relief of Occasional Gastric Discomforts (e.g.,
occasional heartburn/indigestion, upset stomach, belching, burping,

bloat, mild nausea)*

Helps Maintain a Healthy Balance of Gastric Flora*
Protects and Supports the Integrity of the Gastric Mucosa*
Provides Antioxidant Activity in the Upper Gastrointestinal Tract*
Supports Healthy Cytokine Expression in Gastric Cells*

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